Threads of Humanity....

The Human Condition is so fragile on many levels.... So many people have been denied Basic Care and Respect.... I am stirred by it...worried by it....and moved by it. There are pieces of each of us that at this point are tattered, battered and worn to shreds.Some people are more tattered than others...and some have pieces that need more care and more mending . I have seen it in people's eyes, and the lines etched on their faces. I have heard it in their voices. I have seen hands shaking tremously as groceries or meds are purchased ....And in other folks I have seen something else in their eyes. Eyes that are dim, like a painful emptiness and yet others it is painfully sharp with heavyladen angst......As Long as we all still reach out to each other...and touch each other....with words...eye contact and some piece of kindness....then just maybe the Threads of Humanity will hold us together....just maybe....And we can find a way to make sure no one hurts alone, and that no one is denied healing....or care.
The Video below is about a man waiting for a train and a chance meeting with a Homeless Man....and how their lives touched each other for A Moment in Time.

{{ Art by Ansel Adams. }}


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