Mind Your Head....

So today the Cable Gods were so unkind, they took away my News Junkie channels....ALL of them at Once...Actually most of the Day I lost Cable and Internet. And so began the day getting to Know my Cable Provider in a very intimate way, through six different Service people. And one lucky repairman who got to come and climb through the ancient caverns of my basement, and that Meeting would give me much to think about....

So as we stumbled around my yard, and basement in search of Missing Cables, he came across my Obama sign and we ended up having a very straight forward political discussion about the past 8 Hellish years. And he admitted that he never ever thought he would see Our Country So Broken, and So Quickly, from FEMA to the War to The Lost Constitution. We talked about Candidates and What they have offered, but how damaged we are and how much we have Lost.

Then we talked about the Scotty McClellan situation and he said that he thought it was very odd about the Media Bashing him. He asked " So where was the media when the President said that Iraq posed nuclear risks ? Why didn't they investigate ? Any of it ? They didn't investigate 911, and then they did not investigate the Lead Up to the War. The Press rips him to shreds but when he was the Press Secretary I don't remember THEM sitting there Asking the Hard Questions, that we all wanted . Like WHERE are the WMD's?? I mean WHOSE side were they on ? Yours ? Mine? I don't know who the hell they were on....The Freedom of the Press was the First Amendment that we lost, and it made the rest Easy, because there was Nobody to Report the Loss."

I was struck what he said was so true, Our Media, Our Press abandoned us, and squandered Our Trust, pretending that "patriotism" was more important than The Truth. WHOSE Side were they on these past 8 years ? Not yours, not mine.They are supposed to speak Truth To Power and ask the hardest Questions, Lives were at stake. Instead they let this Regime choreograph the Truth, and Manipulate it. They Even took the time to Play Music to accompany "Shock and Awe". They peddled Lies and Inaccurate information, and yet shouldn't they have some remorse for their enabling role ?

So I pointed out that many Americans Read More and use the Internet more than 2000 or 2004.He laughed and said," Well, we kind of all had to...didn't we ? We got to feed our minds, look for the Truth, because we KNOW What doesn't sound right. You Gotta Mind Your Head, Mind Your Head".

{The song is "Which Side Are You On" by Natalie Merchant....Workers' Song from Mining Strikes 1930's....}


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