The Goon Show

Saturday Sonata VII, with LT.

The date up there above these words says June 21—than means it's me' birthday. And I'm working. And my sweety's in Australia. (Okay, enough winjin'.)

Here's a link to another blog I occasionally remember I have, and some ancient wisdom and humor, from The Goon Show.

Spike Milligan's revolutionary radio show ran on the BBC from 1951 to 1960: a unique combination of memorable characters and daft plots, surreality and twisted logic, establishment bashing, satire and parody, music hall gags, catchphrases and random silliness. It broke new ground in its use / abuse of sound effects - both as pure audio gags and in helping to make physically impossible situations instantly believable. Milligan wrote most of the scripts, helped at various times by Larry Stevens, Eric Sykes, Maurice Wiltshire and John Antrobus.

Through the marvel that is the intertubes, you can listen to the shows here. Pour yourself a lemonade, have a sit, slow down, and smile.

Here's to the longest day of sunshine of the year—and the longest night of darkness of the year down in Sydney—and to all of you good goons out there. May you have a lovely day.


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