This Summer again has proven that at this rate as we all have known since 2005, we should all keep an Ax and blow up rowboat in the attic. The Current Flooding in the Midwest is one example of Disaster Unpreparedness at it's absolute worst ( and I say that with no disrespect to the thousands working to sandbag and people there working to save their homes, farms and communities and businesses).

People say that the Flooding in the Midwest is not as bad Katrina.I have to disagree. There are hundreds of miles and thousands of acres effected in 6 states.Where you really see the scope of this is looking at aerials ( photos and video). I find it interesting the MSM has shown very little of these aerials, if they did people would realize the staggering enormity of this situation.The Heartland is in some ways like Katrina, this is not a wealthy region, this is Middle America at it's finest, small towns and rural farms. King George should not have been on his "Farewell to Europe" tour, he should have come home and been monitoring this devastation. He should have for once been doing Flyovers and inspecting damage and Potential Damage. He should have ordered Branches of the Military to assist, including Coast Guard and even Airforce could have done aerial assessments.Mulitple crops will be effected, from soybean to corn to basic vegetables.So again Food Prices will suffer.

We have seen very little of FEMA or Chertoff ( which in some ways is fine, we do not really need more Brownie Moments).We have not even seen interviews of Red Cross Administration with updates regarding sheltering needs and reports, and really not even any ads. So I am encouraging people to write to the Red Cross, if you donate Specify on your check WHERE you want it to go.Now some of the reporting that has been insufficient might just be a matter of the MSM journalistic inablility to properly report other than Propaganda. I also think some of the Media, like CNN worries what Foreigners see and only show what they see fit. ( You do have to admit that Katrina atleast they did show the aerials with great concern, and actually embarrassed the president to do his famous "Flyover".)

And finally National Guard and Civil Defense Management should all be in place, as ALL aspects of life there are going to be impacted for thousands of people, from the transportation issues ( roads and bridge and raliway damage), to basic needs of living from sheltering to food. It is also important to note that many will be trapped inland with these massive problems. I have seen very few guard at the sandbag line photos. Another question or concern that we should all be asking, do they have enough Guard and Equipment ? Or is it all over in Iraq, this is the time to ask. ( Please also note that we have seen very few interviews with Governors on TV). And another thing that we can do to help our neighbors in the Midwest is to write and call the MSM and demand better coverage of this event that is not just a "weather phenom" it will impact this entire Country for many monthes to come and thousands of lives are effected.

Some of the other issues to come will be the lack of Fresh Potable water, disease risk from the muddy sewage ridden waters, and insects, as well as other contamination concerns.This also raises Medical Concerns for those in the region, during the clean up process, as well has many that are elderly and not physically up to the clean up challenge.Nothing has been said about Aid that will be there to assist these people ,whether it be economic or phyiscal assistance.So once you think on this you can see that Multiple Agencies should have feet on the ground there already, CDC, NOAA, and USGS and Army Corp of Engineers.

When the Bush Regime faces justice for the War Crimes of this Regime, I do hope that one of the aspects they closely examine is the Presidents inablilty to care of Refugees within his own country. His ignorance and incompetent neglect has damaged the lives of thousands, and not all of it can be blamed on the Natural Disasters.Do what you can to help Our Neighbors in the Midwest, be creative and resourceful, they depend on us.Sadly the Sandbags will provide some protection from the waters magnitude, but it will not protect these good people from the Dangerous Incompetence of the Bush Regime.

{{{ Please see Aerial Video Footage below, about one week old. I will post newer footage over at Watergate Summer as I find it. Please know that has a Nurse that has worked Disasters with the Red Cross and had FEMA training, that this post is written with great concern, Crossposted at Sirens Chronicles and Watergate Summer.}}


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