A Dark New Bending...

Step careful, new traveller!
Slip slowly knowing down,
into this well of shadowed faces.
Shed winter cowl and night hood and hard false will,
for here dive deep you in nakedness,
and dive again into surrender.

How wise, how foolish, to give yourself over willing!
A gift to me who hears the hungry whimpers,
cries urgent of a thousand souls begging to be taken.
To be swept by compelling hand without question,
without thought, without anarchy.

Test yet and test again and never win,
for it is not your secret wish that you do so.
Show me defiance bound, insolence begging;
And I'll provide the code of ultimate rebellion.

I will share with you a mutiny so profound,
it chills the soulless skin of politicians
and priests, and others who know it best;
They who perfect their abusive practice
over the clueless masses.
Hypocrites, they shake bony fingers at
its common guise, denouncing
those like me who practice
their secret shameful arts without deceit.

But you, you who called upon me,
submitted, ripe for the filling and the taking
and the stroking of soft furred places that have
never before known a touch quite like this.
Distended and exposed and peeled open,
swollen rich with long-held silent wants.
You will find your freedom here,
far from stranglehold of cotton and decision.

A question lingers with dominion
How far to bend you?
Over bed? Over knee?
Over the steely discipline
of Your Lady who commands you
from the penumbra blueness
of your inner eye-lite self?

Bend to break? Bend to bend?
Bend to shape to a new knowing?

Lady Bachu
from bitch goddess: the spiritual path of the dominant woman
edited by pat califia and drew campbell


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