I also saw this letter about a petition style ad to be run in the New York Times...

Of course the only problem is that The New York Times is part of the problem and if they're running the ad this pretty much means they don't see it as a bona fide threat. :)

From: ACLU []
On Behalf Of Wayne Frost
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
3:40 PM

To: Edger

A message from Wayne Frost


Did you know that Congress has signed away our right to privacy?

It’s true! By making FISA law, the President and Congress made it legal for US agencies to spy on our text messages, email, and phone calls to people outside the US, without any cause, reason or let alone a warrant. Does that sound like a right to privacy to you?

I have added my name to an ad to run in the New York Times this Thursday, will you join me (it does not cost anything)?

- Wayne

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