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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Change You Can Believe In... or Honestly, Would I Lie To You?
Posted by Edger at 6:01 PM

In efforts to strengthen his somewhat faltering presidential bid after last weeks shuffle to the center to the right in his reversal of a long held campaign promise with his support for preemptively pardoning retroactively legalizing years of Bush criminal behavior and expanded domestic surveillance at the low, low price of gutting your fourth amendment rights, Barack Obama has made more major position "adjustments" with changes to his campaign website today.

The AP reports about an hour ago: Obama Web site removes 'surge' from Iraq problem
Barack Obama's aides have removed criticism of President Bush's increase of
troops to Iraq from the campaign Web site, part of an effort to update the
Democrat's written war plan to reflect changing conditions....McCain said Obama
is failing to acknowledge success. "Today, we know Sen. Obama was wrong" to
oppose the surge, McCain said.As first reported Tuesday by the New York Daily
News, Obama's campaign removed a reference to the surge as part of "The Problem"
section on the part of his Web site devoted to laying out his plan for Iraq.The
change was part of many broader changes that Obama spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said were made to reflect current conditions.
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