Tellers of Fortune, Dealers of Fate excerpted from Bitch Goddess...

"The sound of rain falling on the canvas overhead. The voice asking what the goddess would say. The intake of breath as the spirit of the seer leaves the body and another takes its place. Pleasantries first, but then something else. Do you know how much trouble you are to cause? She is the stirrer of strife saying this. Strife was stirred when the women took back their power, she says. And so must you. For complacency is the closet thing we have to sin. Eye to eye she stares at the one who posed the question: Complacency is the clost thing we have to sin. Complacency -- the fear of stepping to the edge of that which is known, of striding out into the darkness beyond the pale of the comfortable and safe. The fear of obliging others to do the same. The fear of moving stagnant waters to flow, for flow necessitates penetration as the waters stream through one's being. Unknown powers entering, potent and uncontrolled, coming through the channel opened to them and coursing throughout. Desire becomes manifest in the directing of the current. Staunchng the flow leads only to rot, the body dead before the heart stops beating. Complacency is the closest thing we have to sin."


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