The Desired Effect

Clinton takes spotlight at convention
Clinton Supporters Discuss Supporting Obama
Clinton fans deaf to words of healing
As Clinton backers steer toward apparent nominee, a few signal problems
Democrats unite at convention, but Hillary supporters still lagging
Bill Clinton Undercuts Barack Obama - AGAIN
O'Reilly: Danger in Denver
Democrats set for Clinton moment


(Maybe not everyone gets what the MSM and the RNC are doing here…but they should and they will!)

The Clinton's have less to do with this hysteria than a select group of operatives and a complicit media. The Clintonite's who are saying they’ll vote for McCain instead, since Hill didn’t get the nod, have less to do with this spin than do those attempting to sell products to their listeners and readers, and the RNC, and Rove and his gang of thugs who want to frame the Denver Democratic National Convention, and by proxy the Democratic Party, as a raging cat/dog fight without a clue as how to govern.

Sure there are a few, a few mind you, of the Clinton loyalist guard still holding their breath like spoiled friggin' brats trying to get their way after having been told “NO” for the umpteenth time, but they are a minority in the Democratic Party. Get that? A minority. A small number compared to the whole. Got it?

It is an attempt by the RNC, and yes, the "mainstream" media, to bring about a desired “hysteria”.

"Oh my! What should we think? What is wrong with us? Why are we falling apart? We're so unorganized! We're split down the middle!”

What should you do? Start by telling anyone that is flapping such nonsense to STFU! It is not some quagmire! That’s the Republican Parties dilemma! It is not Barack, or Hillary or Bill’s predicament to hold! It is, however, going to be handed off to the next president to fix.

Let the RNC and Rove's minions suck wind and pontificate until their blue in the face and out of a job in 2009! The Democratic Party, and the country for that matter, are not split or in danger of implosion- the RNC and their respective party are.


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