No Way. No How. No McCain.


Clinton takes spotlight at convention

Clinton Supporters Discuss Supporting Obama

Clinton fans deaf to words of healing

As Clinton backers steer toward apparent nominee, a few signal problems

Hillary supporters still lagging

Bill Clinton Undercuts Barack Obama

O'Reilly: Danger in Denver

Democrats set for Clinton moment


Clinton makes strong case for Obama

No Way. No How. No McCain.

Clinton urges party to back Obama

No Way. No How. No McCain.

Clinton delivers ringing call for Democratic unity

No Way. No How. No McCain.

Clinton Delivers Emphatic Plea for Unity

No Way. No How. No McCain.

Gee… The headlines sure look different than before Hillary’s speech, huh, Wally?

What did we expect, a bar fight, a WWF smack down, a Jerry Springer moment?

The obvious underpinning of all the negative pontificating before she spoke was pure, adulterated hype meant to sell newspapers and get the advertisers to line up and maybe help Ann Coulter write another useless book. With the MSM going all apeshit over the Clintons, go figure, one might have thought that Bill and Hillary were actually thinking what the mainstream media and the RNC and Rove wanted us to think they were thinking. Hmmm? As it turns out, however, they weren't.

Hillary gave a very powerful speech tonight; a resounding message of we are united. A call to hold hands and sing Kumbaya…

Yes. In some way I meant that last line in a patronizing, smart-assery sort of way, but, in another part of my brain, I truly think that that is, metaphorically speaking, what took place during her speech. Not because the Democratic party and the country were fragmented, but because the American people, despite the last eight years, see through the bullshit that is tossed around and recycled into what is essentially pandering and they choose their own moments. You’d think that after all these years the powers that be would have learned this lesson? I suppose they have their noses too far up the money changer’s asses to grasp the not so subtle message.

No Way. No How. No McCain.” It’ll fit on a t-shirt and it’s rather idiomatic, if you live in the US of A! Can’t beat that…

With that said… We urgently need to change this countries political thinking. It is not a two party system. It is a United Constitutional Democratic Republic- for the people, by the people and of the people. There are more viewpoints than conservative and liberal. Than conservative and progressive. There are more diversities. There are other parties. Other ideas and ideals. Other considerations besides Republican and Democrat.

Corporations are not a people. The Military Industrial Complex, aside from the men and women in uniform, are not a people. Big Pharma is not a people. Big Oil is not a people.

On the other hand… Teachers, Brick Layers, Fire Fighters, Engineers, Factory Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Coaches, Actors, Writers, Retirees, Athletes, Hair Dressers, Farmers, Dental Assistants, Restaurant Workers, Pilots, Military Enlistees, Homemakers, Clerks, Telemarketers, Artists, Singers, Dancers, Scientists, Preachers, Pianists, Violinists, Conductors, Surgeons, Bankers, Landscapers, Builders, Judges, Taxi Drivers, Disk Jockeys, Professors, Students, Architects, Street Walkers, Homeless, Jobless, Brown, White, Red, Yellow, Tan, Black, Gay, Straight, Bi, High, Low, Tall, Short, Skinny, Fat, Redheaded, Blonde, Brunette, Grey, Male, Female, Transgendered, Indian, African, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, and yes, even Politicians, are the people… These are the people(s) who, quite evidently, need to be represented by more than only two parties. Right?

Well come two thousand and nine I suggest that we begin to make that happen…for the good of our country and its peoples.

And, with that said, let me reiterate that I think Hillary gave a magnificently powerful and moving speech, and proved, yet again, that she has the skills, the intellect, and the grace to lead... I just don't want to be led...


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