On The Anniversary of Katrina....

As the RNC gets ready for their Big Event, with their usual Pomp and Pompousity....We all know it will not be glorious enough to Honor this Titannical Administration...I have some Videos that Might help them remember Katrina.The sad thing is because all of our Troops and Equipment were in we also know that the Illegal War also meant deathes on Our Shores too. Because when Katrina HIT, NOLA had less then 400 National Guard to cope with this Devastation.
This is the THE Video that should play the First Night, PINK sings "Dear Mr.President",


The Day The Music Died...

The Drive.....( Documentary of Lower 9th Ward)

No More War.....Eddie Vedder ( from the Documentary "Body of War")
And now it is three years after a Leader did a Flyover of America's Worst Disaster....and Another Hurricane bears down on the Gulf, it has NOLA and the Louisianna Shores in it's Sights.....Bearing Down like a Mother full of Righteous Wrath.And Once again will the Leaders Fiddle and Party while the City faces this Wrath ? This time there is a whole world Watching what happens.....


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