[ I originally posted this October 20th,2005, mere weeks after Katrina. It was reposted in January 10th,2006 after one of the King's shameless Jim Beam swaggered Visit. Impeach and Imprison remains my solution...]

I wrote this and called it" Why NOLA has to be Rebuilt". At the time on TV there were lots of Experts arguing about rebuilding NOLA, mostly the Business Sector. But I was concerned about it's Heart&'s Culture, it's Way of Life. Now I just call it remembering NOLA, that is all I can call it. It is about What Katrina did to this country, it reminded us that Racism alive and well.
And that Poverty is not hidden, it next door, it is young and old, Black and White.It is about People, our People being Abandoned. We have been given a Wake Up Call.
Lessons Unlearned....
It is now August 2008, and yet another Hurricane bears down on Louisiana, and this time there is more trouble on the Horizon. This time there is NO Dome of Horror to shelter 1000's, there is NO Shelter at all set up to shelter the People. The "Evacuation Orders" have been given, but this time the People have NoWhere To Go.....There are not enough Prayers.

It is a Way of Life,
It is deep hearted Blues,
It is gin soaked Jazz,
and grits,hushpuppies,and
fresh cornbread.
It is panfried shrimp with limes and hot sauce.
It is three day Gumbo that leaves you sweating and
It is Sunday Church where the buildings rock and
seismic sway.
It is the slideguitar pleading in the still of the night.
It is another Lonely Crooner sending shockwaves in an old
riverfront garage.
It is women swaying in gauzy dresses and men in
timeless suits.
It is granmommies lullabying babes, and singing
This Ol'Man with a hum and a roll.
It is where old folks are tended with loving gentle hands
and Respect.
It is where Family is a Way of Life.

In New Orleans a clock is merely an instrument,
But Time is a Place to be.


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