FBI tapped Ted Stevens phone more then 100 times. Ted would like you to know that the phone system is a series of tubes!

FBI agents taped more than 100 phone conversations involving Sen. Ted Stevens as part of their public corruption investigation, Stevens' attorneys said today.

The FBI's trove of secretly recorded conversations has already been the highlight of trials in Alaska, but the size of its collection against Stevens has until now been unclear. The sometimes-graphic conversations between hard-drinking oil contractors and corrupt Alaska politicians helped the Justice Department send three state politicians to prison.

One has to wonder if old Ted Stevens didn't stop every so often during his phone calls to tap his hearing aid to get the clicking to stop.

"Annie! Annie! This damn hearing aid is making that clicking sound again! Goddamn piece of junk!"

So stay tuned kids! Jury selection for the Ted Stevens corruption trial begins on September 22nd! Get your tickets now!

Though to be honest Uncle Ted will really have to work to compare to the spectacle of the Sarah Palin "babygate" and "Troopergate" fiasco's.

Our little Sarah has certainly set the bar to brand new heights.

Oh I can just barely hide my pride at all of the attention my state is receiving from the national media.

Maybe I should start my winter drinking program early.

(For my first post here at Peace Tree I thought I would spare you my current fascination with Sarah Palin and all of her difficulties. Your welcome! But if that is your cup of tea feel free to stop over at The Immoral Minority where you can imbibe in scandalous behaviors until you are too tipsy to saely web surf home.)


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