G.O.P. Hero Worship

Thompson tells of McCain heroism
In a folksy speech drawing on the talents he learned as a highly successful movie and television actor, former Sen. Fred Thompson, recounted in graphic detail the torture and mistreatment McCain underwent in Hanoi after his jet was shot down Oct. 26, 1967, over North Vietnam.
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“John McCain knows about hope,” Thompson said, “That’s all he had to survive on.” Sen. Joe Lieberman urged Democrats to cross party lines and cast their votes for McCain, saying they could “always count on him to be straight with you about where he stands and to stand for what he thinks is right regardless of politics.”

Bush: 'The Man We Need Is John McCain'
President Bush said John McCain was "ready to lead this nation," praising the Arizona senator's "vision and courage" and saying his life experiences had prepared him to make "hard choices that fall solely on the president." Mr. McCain was "a great American and the next president". John McCain's life has prepared him to make those choices. He is ready to lead this nation," Mr. Bush said.
He spoke of Mr. McCain's life as "a story of service above self" and emphasized the "independence and character" he showed in backing the administration's "surge" strategy.

The literal meaning of the word is "protector", "defender" or "guardian" and etymologically it is thought to be cognate with the name of the goddess Hera, the guardian of marriage. (Uh oh, Johnny...)

I have had just about enough of our hero worship of this man.

Grow up, America!

John McCain is a man.

McCain is a politician.

John is no longer a prisoner of war.
He’s not shackled to a cell in Hanoi.

He’s imperfect like the rest of us.
He’s older, yet not necessarily wiser.

He’s no longer a maverick, at least not in the sense that he is daring in politics.
He’s foul tempered, rich beyond imagination, and spoiled (like his dear leader).

He sings songs about bombing other countries and then chuckles at his own stupid and tasteless joke!

He appears to be desperate for power.
He is desperate for power.
He’s starving for attention.
He’s hypocritical on very important issues…

To call him a “war hero” is one thing, but to go to such great lengths to make him appear to be immortal for partisan gain is deplorable.

To keep repeating the hero line as if it tripped off of the tongue as easily as "9-11" is despicable!

It is quickly becoming meaningless, this title others thrust upon him so easily, as easily as he paints it upon himself...

Right now McCain is not a war hero.
He’s a presidential candidate.
A mere mortal.
A politician.
He is not a P.O.W. being tortured, except by his own painful bending on issues he claims to hold dear…


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