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It's About John McCain.
It's All About John McCain.
It's Only About John McCain.
by Robert J. Elisberg

DAY 11. The "My Very First Decision as Nominee" Tour continues

Just over one week has now officially passed since John McCain gave lie to his insistence that he always Puts America First, and would never ever do anything just to win an election. That he would rather lose.

America now has the chance to grant his wish.

But just to be clear -- admire her wide-eyed claim that "victory is near" in Iraq or cringe for America's safety, John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat from becoming commander-in-chief is NOT about Sarah Palin, no matter how gut-wrenchingly unqualified she is to be vice president. Indeed, being honest, her actual resume suggests she's unqualified even to be governor. However, in California we selected the Terminator, so it's not like I can call out others.

The good news is that she does appear qualified to be mayor of a hamlet with 5,500 people (at the time). Of course, so are most of the other 5,499 residents. I say this as someone from a village of 8,762.

No, the issue of John McCain's choice to be vice president is about John McCain.

(Read the full's worth your while.)


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