The RNC CoatHanger Caper and Uterine Politics....

So this Week the Religious Right and Johnny McMaverick threw everyone a Estrogen Curveball. They have taken pandering to a whole new level...They have given up on Real Women that are educated hardworking and have functional brains.They are counting on the uneducated Evangelical Vote. They are counting on creating a Battlezone between Women in this Country. And their Choice was also set up to Silence the Men. For if men criticize The Choice, then the RNC will label them as Misogynist , and yet the irony is that McCain choosing this woman is bound to set this Country back 100 years.I call this Uterine Politics at it's finest.

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And they also have cleverly limited the dialogue, setting the Agenda , Preaching to us about Family Values and Moral Platitudes and dictating the Health and Well being of Women and Children while they trot out a "Female" Candidate that is deficient on all levels. We have been told "HER Family is off limits", that is fine , except if she is in office she will be making decisions about the bodies of Our Children and their ability to bear Children. She will be limiting their access to Sexual Education and Contraception.She would be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, and WHO Knows what she would sign into law ? In Alaska she tried to ban books, and when the Librarian refused, she was threatened by her. NO ONE can have an Abortion according to Palin, NO Circumstance warrants it, even if a young girl has been raped by a relative and her health and well being was at risk, Palin believes the Health of the baby is more sacred.

I don't know about any of you, but as an Old Nurse, I have seen what happens when Sexual Health is not protected or respected. I have seen young girls die in Labor, and I have seen young men die of AIDS. There has been enough lives lost to Ignorant Decisions and Bad Policy Dictated by Morally Inept Zealots.

And yet when she trotted her family out on that Stage last Friday, I had More Questions than Answers, and alot of sympathy for the family, for the Children. I looked at her family and Bristol broke my heart, I watched her holding that baby and her eyes were tearfilled. I was not proud looking at her. I was worried for her children, and our Children.....I was filled with dread and worry. She hit the stage preaching Patriotism, talking about her son heading off to Iraq...while her teenage daughter clung to the baby. This is not the Kind of America I want to be a part of ,wrapped in a Flag and preaching the wonders of the Bible to people that have suffered through 8 years of Hell created by the Current Bible Thumper. In my mind What Bush has done is not what Good Christians is beyond a Crime.I don't want to see these Religious Zealots do One More Thing In Our Name as a Country.

If This Woman were to be a part of the next administration, we can look forward to the Fifties again, and women sneaking off to other states and receiving Coathanger Abortions....And the Bigger Question Still hangs in the Air , WHO will care for the Unwanted Children, Because under George ALL Children have already been Left Behind.....Enough is Enough.Educate your friends.Sarah Palin is No Friend to Women. Do Learn more and share it far and wide about Her Record, Her "Service" and her Mistakes and yes, Her Sins.
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Music~ " Woman in Chains" Tears for Fears and Oleta Adams....a really beautiful haunting song about Women being imprisoned in Their Lives and Their Bodies.


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