Saturday Sonata XIII: Robin Williamson

LT here, bringing you another Saturday Sonata, this one with that special Sunday feel.

I woke up this morning and remembered a concert I went to in my then home of Santa Cruz, California, in '86. I think it was at the University. I remember sitting in the hall with my then girlfriend waiting for the show to start when this long-haired guy who had been sitting in the front row, talking to someone, apparently, got up and walked on stage, sat down at a harp, and started playing.

That was my introduction to Robin Williamson. Let's a have a few songs.

Reaching way back, to his days with the Incredible String Band, and "The Half Remarkable Question":

-expand to listen to the music!-

And a short, beautiful air, "Young Girl Milking the Cow," from much more recently:

And back again, a song for the coming season, "The October Song":

Now raise your glasses:


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