They really do like to push your buttons and overstimulate's like they're giving out free drugs...

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I can't waste a lot of time on this. I have actual real issues that I have control over that aren't orchestrated by the ruling families to deal with.

I'll just offer this.


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When the people who believed in each of these figure heads, who mourned the assassinations of each of these leaders, who see something of these men in the physical look, speeches, stern approach, strategically coiffed and dressed wife (oh didn't she just look like a Black Jackie O in that purple dress? d'yuh think she's on valium and a host of other prescription meds, too?)...
For those who applauded the endorsement of the rich white robber baron family of the oft remembered dead president and thought of it as an intelligent and meaningful alliance between an obviously lefty clan and the man I like to call the Blackchurian candidate...
When all the people touched, triggered, traumatized by the actual assassinations of these (human, no better or more important than the rest of us) men have their buttons purposefully pushed at the exact same moment, they will function with focus, with purpose and without a fucking clue in tandem, like a well oiled (yet completely blind as in not at all sentient and therefore highly manipulable) electoral machine.

For someone like me, who lives, sees and stands outside this spectacle of ignorance, it's clear that the election has already been decided and won by the man some call Wall Street's boy.

The amerikkkan voting public has been driven, corralled if you will, like a herd of slow minded wooly mammoths, into a narrow pass. Behind them are the two caricaturish cross burning bigots, easily recognized by their willingly verbalized ignorance.

Only the most extreme right wingers would vote for those two crazies.

At the other end of the pass lies "change"...that is, if anyone believes the crock of shite they're being sold.

This won't come as news to those who aren't buying the crap filled experience also known as the amerikkkan election that that has been unfolding over the past how many (?) months.

If anyone cares to actually take a look at what's going on, they will see that this is just a dance, just a ritual set into place to quell mass uprising and keep every day people in line and out of the loop as far as the actual workings of a government...oops, not a government, but a group of powerful families who run the government...from behind the scenes, who just see the population as a natural resource to be mined and exploited...
Then you'll realize that the "assassination plot" is a sham designed to get even people who understand themselves as left of center to side with their own demise. If you feel strongly about a candidate who stands for "change" and that candidate "wins" and you celebrate ecstatically in the streets, partying like it's 1999, and praise GAWD that finally things are going to be "different"...
if you emotionally invest to tha max, when that candidate begins the nasty work of governing the people according to the oppressive standards of his fore bearers, you will either have a stroke and drop dead on the spot due to the awful realization that everything you've ever valued about your country was an indoctrination based disgusting lie or (my personal favourite) you will go into even deeper denial and tell yourself that "change" demands concessions and compromise and that the president you elected, the people's president, the man who said repeatedly, his brows drawn fiercely as he spoke with such presence and conviction, that he was really about doing the "right" thing...
then you will have no choice but to look away as he so clearly does the exact opposite of what he promised.
Why because belief in the voting charade means belief in voting as an act of uncoerced, unmanipulated, educated free will. So if you vote you can't possibly have been duped and if you haven't been duped then when your candidate gets voted into the white house and from that moment on royally fucks you and yours painfully, slowly, mercilessly without lube, you will have to comfort yourselves with the knowledge that the violation was actually your carefully thought out choice.

In short, you will shut tha fuck up and let the agenda that predates him continue to unfold with such elegant malevolence all around you while you pretend that things really are "different" now.

So, please register to vote and turn out on election day because the "choice" really is yours.


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