it's getting close to the holidays

ah- the ubiquitous holidays :) part of me wonders how americans will cope without being able to spend their way into believing in christmas. and the other part of me wonders if we haven't already gotten what we wished for. instead of counting down the cmas shopping days left- many folks are counting down the days until january 20th. i know i am. i don't look at obama as the messiah or any other holy icon- but i do look to him to take action. the only action that still president cheney has taken- is to give the go ahead to paulson to continue to loot the us treasury. and paulson has done a fine job.

i don't know if there will ever be peace amongst human beings. i don't even know if there is enough sustainability in this planet for us to ever find out. times are going to be tough around the globe and the golden era of human civilizations is long gone. but i am not afraid. i think that knowing that my fellow americans banded together to repudiate hatred and divisiveness in great numbers gave me an inner peace i haven't felt in a long time. there is obviously much work to continue. millions of red meat eaters are out there- fearfully buying guns and millions of lgbt americans have had their rights stripped away- where they have even gotten them. we have an opportunity to set things right. we are not a center right nation. we are a nation of progressives who have been lied to and allowed ourselves to be manipulated. once the blinders fall off- it's tough to put them back on.

let's grab that opportunity and run with it.


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