Saturday Sonata XVII: Redbone

Howdy gang, LT here, with Saturday Sonata XVII. I heard a Redbone song this morning on the radio, and decided to do a repost, with extras, of something I did at my place about a year ago.


You're probably familiar with the band Redbone and the 1974 song "Come and Get Your Love." Big, simple, fun song, and a big hit in the U.S.

All the members of the band, built around brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas, had Native American heritage, and a year before "Come and Get Your Love" hit the charts, they had another hit that reflected that heritage - one that you probably don't remember: "We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee."

In this 2004 interview Pat Vegas tells how the song was basically banned in the U.S., and how it became a #1 hit in Europe.


More info on Redbone here and here, and and a few albums at iTunes, and they even appear to have their own Web site, believe it or not.



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