birds on a wire

for some reason, that song has been running through my head.

so, big dick cheney is threatening a terrorist attack again. sigh. i don't get americans who want americans to die. this is the second time he has come out talking about terrorists attacks on american soil- after perpetrating 9/11/01.

i never thought i would ever have to live through domestic terrorism in my lifetime, but i have. and i never thought that i would ever have to entertain the idea that my country- once a democratic republic- would turn into a police state- but there's that very real possibility. even with barack obama as president. if we have another tragedy like 9/11 or the joblessness and homelessness turn even more desperate, we may see the troops deployed here on american soil for the first time in our history- turn against fellow americans. it's a very real possibility. and it's scary.

i am stubbornly and determinidly moving ahead with my gardening and sustainability plans. the birds are indeed on the wires in front of my house and they dine in my yard (hopefully on japanese beetle grubs) twice a day. life changes. i don't particularly want it to- especially in the ways it has changed so recently, but the buddha says that life changes. that our suffering comes from attaching ourselves to ideas and ways of life and clinging. some days i feel like i want a life preserver because i have fallen overboard but then i realize- hey, this is the life i have been given and i won't let the shortsighted, greedy bastards win.

and here i am- like a bird on a wire- trying in my way to be free:


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