A New Foundation for Growth
President Obama submitted a budget to Congress that challenges the status quo and directly confronts the long-term threats to our prosperity.
But it's up to us to make sure Washington knows that Americans across the country stand by the President's plan to invest in energy, health care, and education.
Watch President Obama's message and get involved in the effort to make this plan a reality by calling your elected representatives and by joining a canvass this weekend.
Today, the head of American International Group (AIG), the beleaguered insurance firm that has received $170 billion from the federal bailout to date, will testify before Congress. AIG Chief Executive Officer Edward M. Liddy will certainly be grilled by lawmakers about the $165 million AIG paid out in performance bonuses last week.
A large portion of the bonuses went to managers in the Financial Products division – the same division that created and marketed credit default swaps and other vehicles that inflated the financial bubble and exacerbated the ongoing financial crisis.
We, the undersigned, demand that executives return all of the bonuses and that Mr. Liddy answer the following questions: Your name here...
Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest and 2,000 pro democracy monks and activists are being held in inhumane conditions in Burmese prisons. Their crime: peacefully calling for democracy.
Click here to sign a petition to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to call for their release.
Over $100 million to AIG execs? Help get federal stimulus money to the people who really need it.
Your state needs to pass laws to update its unemployment insurance programs so that it will be eligible for all the available funding to help families.


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