46 Mexican Children Perish in Day Care Fire! Will Mexico's Plagues Ever End?

Governmental corruption preceded economic collapse. The migration problem was compounded by the drug cartel wars. The swine flu Mexico reels from its latest "golpe" [blow]: fire at a government-run day care center claimed the life of its 46th child last weekend.

Anger boiled over in the northwestern city of Hermosillo where the populace blames the government for failing to enforce safety regulations, for failing to properly investigate the blaze and for failing to hold anyone criminally responsible in the 10 days that have passed since the fire.

As time passes the national grief is turning to outrage in the embattled country. During a rally that was televised nationwide on CNN affiliate TV Azteca Saturday in front of the Sonora governor's office, parent Poberto Zavala declared to great cheers:

"If there is no justice from the authorities, there will be vengeance from the people."

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has promised there will be a complete investigation. Officials blame an air-conditioning unit in a government-run warehouse in the same building as the day care center for causing the fire.

Commentators denounce the fact that 46 children can die due to negligence while it appears that: 1) no one will be punished, and 2) that the safety of other day care centers is not being reviewed to ascertain that this will not happen again somewhere else in the country.

Suffering seems to be making a home in Mexico. When the plagues recur over and over, the question arises: how much can and will a people accept?

We offer our prayer for peace.


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