Support a Cautious Response to the Iranian Election

I am turning the lights out now
A heavy summer heat hovers over the ground.
Before the morning sun lifts this crimson boil
Many will have marched in solidarity on far off streets
While others watch with bewilderment, a mini shock and awe.

Support a Cautious Response to the Iranian Election

President Obama has faced pressure from some members of Congress and voices in the media to take sides in the internal dispute in Iran over their recent presidential election. While the events that have transpired in the wake of the election are disturbing, an aggressive response by the United States could make the situation for Iranians – and the future of U.S.-Iran relations – even worse.

So far, President Obama has responded cautiously, neither endorsing the election result nor the opposition claims of fraud, and re-affirming his intent to engage Iran diplomatically, regardless of the election result. Would you thank President Obama for his cautious response and urge him to continue his efforts to engage Iran diplomatically?

Thank you, President Obama, for your display of caution in addressing the situation in Iran following the disputed Presidential election. We agree that the U.S. must avoid the appearance of meddling in Iran’s internal affairs and we urge you to continue your efforts to engage Iran diplomatically, as you have pledged to do.


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