The End Of The Republican Party ?

And The American People Helped


In the polls, the American people support the Republicans by about 20%. More in some parts of the country and less in other parts of the country. The Republican party is quickly becoming as important as the Green, Communist, or Socialist parties. They have no one to blame. but themselves.

It's a combination effort needed to destroy the second biggest political party in the country, and they will probably never die out completely, at least not the radical right wingers. There will always be the haters of the party who still believe that the destiny of America, means white America.

Most importantly, in the last 30 years the conservative philosophy of less taxes, less government regulation, and smaller government has become a proven failure. Not that the Republicans ever reached success at that stated philosophy, and that was just one reason the American people have rejected the honesty of their ideology.

President Bush was the foreseer of the failure of their economic utopia, when he declared it "Voodoo Economics." It was not an economic ideology (trickle down) invented by President Reagan. It was based in the sensible idea from hundreds of years ago, that government was to serve the people and to do that it should stay out of the way, as its people would be the driving force of its economy through their capitalistic businesses.

Having abused that ideology and their power while in office, they have wounded themselves and earned the hostility of the American people. They used hate, fear, intimidation, and illegalities in the performance of their official duties. They have been given more than a fair chance (over 30 years) to prove themselves, and they have failed.

Not only have they failed, but they have left America in worse shape than at any other time in our History. For the first time, Americans will leave a country to their offspring that is not better than it was given to them. Our ancestors must be rolling in their graves, and for good reason.

It is the American peoples reaction to their mismanagement that leaves Republicans out of the serious political discussion. Especially when their discussion of the issues includes the hate speech of "racist" as the weapon they choose to debate ideas and issues. Not only weak, but harmful to the unity of our society.

Now we can add a new nail in the coffin of the Republican party. Our new President is a very good politician. He has seen that the American people have rejected the Republicans for their exclusive, extremist ideology and has decided to help them destroy themselves.

President Obama is appointing the few Republican moderates left in the Republican party to work in his administration. This will effectively box the Republicans into their extremist viewpoint, even as they search for moderates within their party to boost their popularity in the next election cycle. This will keep these moderate Republicans out of the election cycle at least through the 2012 election.

In a true adaptation of the political tactics of Thomas Jefferson, President Obama has learned from his political History. Yet, it will not secure him the office of President in 2012, if he cannot move the American economy for the better and put people back to work. Although, Americans have been know to give their Presidents time to prove themselves. Example: voting for George Bush (43) twice.


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