life is death and up is down

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these

Strange days indeed
strange days indeed.
Everybody's runnin' and no one makes a move"

i find it incredibly interesting that there is a segment of america who genuinely believes that it's ok to kill others-- despite what they are taught in church. these folks believe it's ok to take the life of another- not in self defense but 'to protect the innocent'- and despite the fact that there are laws on the books that often differ with their particular worldview. vigilante justice isn't part of any biblical passage i have read- but i guess when you believe that YOU are god- the interpretation is quite loose.

these are the same folks who condemn the islamic rite of stoning folks to death and puff up righteously and call these folks 'terrorists.' the hypocrisy and arrogance is almost as thick as the irony. looking at what i know i was taught in my bible belt, baptist upbringing- and what these folks proclaim as 'the truth'- well, somebody was taught wrong. or perhaps they have twisted the bible to their own will instead of their god's will. see, life doesn't end at birth. if you are anti abortion, then you also need to be anti capital punishment, anti torture, anti war, anti poverty,...

i am currently reading chris hedges' book 'losing moses on the freeway' and it is an eye opening read. he obviously believes in god, but he harbors no illusions about organized religions. he disects the ten commandments chapter by chapter but this is no synopsis. he uses real life situations and experiences and draws it all around and lays bare all hypocrises. i have a feeling it might be too much truth for these 'patriots', these 'god fearing christians' to handle. it might interfere with their own god complexes.


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