On June 17th...

1992 Slaughtering by Inkhata-followers at Boipatong, South Africa, kills 42

1991 South Africa abolishes last of its apartheid laws

1981 Battle between Moslems and Christians in Cairo, 14 killed

1982 President Reagan 1st United Nations General Assembly address, "evil empire" speech

1973 Russian party leader Brezhnev visits U.S.

1972 5 arrested for burglarizing Democratic Party HQ at Watergate

1967 1st Chinese hydrogen bomb explodes

1965 1st bombing by B-52 (50 km north of Saigon)

1963 Supreme Court rules against Bible reading/prayer in public schools

1958 Radio Moscow reports execution of Hungarian ex-premier Imre Nagy

1954 CIA exile army lands in Guatemala, JF Dulles and United Fruit Co

1954 Televised Senate Army McCarthy hearings ends

1950 Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria sign security pact

1944 French troops under Lattre de Tssigny conquer Elba

1944 Hitler secretly meets with von Rundstedt in Marjival Soissons

1942 1st WW II American expeditionary force lands in Africa (Gold Coast)

1940 France asks Germany for terms of surrender in WW II

1938 Japan declares war on China

1916 U.S. troops under General Pershing march into Mexico

1915 League to Enforce Peace forms in Philadelphia

1885 Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City

1863 Naval Engagement at Warsaw Sound GA-USS Weehawken vs CSS Atlanta

1856 Republican Party opens its 1st national convention in Philadelphia

1855 Heavy French/British bombing of Sebastopol, 2000+ killed

1579 Sir Francis Drake lands on coast of California


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