mmmm.... the computer gods hate me. i wrote a post last night and apparently, it didn't schedule. c'est la vie. i'll give it a go and see if i can put most of it back. i am not an overly social person- never have been- so it's through that lens that i view the world and american culture at large. lately, however, i have been out and about more having people from hubby's work over and us visiting with family and friends. from what i can see- american culture is in real trouble.

whoever i talk to- no matter where i go- at the grocery store; on the phone; via email; in person- folks have been complaining about the same thing- entitlement. there's this feeling of entitlement. people my age or older complain about the younger folks wanting the good life but wanting it handed to them as if they are owed. they want the house, kids, car, gadgets- but don't want to work for it. and yet, almost to the person, these younger folks have it. why?

ahhh..... this is where the story gets good- the folks who are complaining continue to hand it to them. almost to a person, the folks i have talked to have purchased or given these folks exactly what they wanted so as not to let their children's children suffer. uh huh. so, my thought on the bigger picture- i don't see anything in america changing anytime soon.

the lack of introspection and the ability to see that you are the issue and you are creating the problem- well, it perpetuates the other's feeling of entitlement. and let's face it- the folks who feel entitled in positions of power aren't anymore inclined to give up their lifestyle than the young folks who misuse public assistance because they want to stay at home and play house without working for it. and we complain a blue streak. and we perpetuate the problem....


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