Letter to the RNC from thepoetryman

To whom it may concern at the RNC,
I have, for some time now, watched you go from outright lies and fear mongering, straight into bigotry, obfuscation, outright lies and fear mongering. Will you stop at nothing short of treason? Is that your plan, to destroy America? If not, there is little evidence to the contrary.

Your new site, (the blog in particular), has this in red on the front page-
5/15/09 Update: What you see here is a placeholder between what was and what is to come for Don't get too used to this page--the complete rebuild is around the corner. Soon we'll have a new look and a more enjoyable, modern, open and participatory way to share our ideals with the Country.

What I see is a placeholder between the truth and deceit,
What was the GOP and what has become of the GOP.
What I see is a placeholder between the people and the facts,
A wall of separation so thick your constituents are as blind as justice.
Duped by the modern GOP, no longer the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Ike and Dewey.
No. This new party has morphed into something akin to a Dominionist frat house…

It is not your website that you need rebuild; it is your party.
It will take great courage and willpower to bring the GOP back from its collapse;
Back to a more enjoyable, modern, open and honest party,
But it is something that must be done to be the party of the open door;
The party of liberty, the party of equality, the party of bipartisanship,
and the party of opportunity for all.

I wish you luck with such a tall order, but I’m an optimist.
I just know that you can take back the GOP from the charlatans that have surreptitiously slipped it from out of your hands.

Mark Prime


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