americans today and tomorrow cling to yesterday

i listen to quite a bit of van morrison- love the man. but i thought i would take a break the other day and listen to the eagles- long road out of eden- and when i got to the second disc- whoa! now, when you think political music- springsteen comes to mind amongst others, but i will hazard a guess that the eagles don't top the list. you should check them out. it's a great set. henley, frey and the gang don't mince words and they skillfully weave them to get their point across- not just about politics but about culture.

it's funny because i used to think i was outside looking in on the culture- and now, i know i am. american culture sucks- arrogant, self-centered, pushy, rude- or at least it's how it has been. apparently, the right wing screwed themselves because from the sounds of things- folks are turning more liberal. sharing and not buying new? good lord! the rapture must be coming!

i admit, i have not been keeping up with what passes for the news these days- i mean there is only so much outright lying and fakery i can stand. and what i do scan the headlines and see, makes me sad. you aren't going to find many places where information is sewn together to formulate the big picture- it's like a mystery to solve, all of the pieces are there but you have to figure it out yourself. gore vidal wrote a fantastic article a while ago and i have not read it's entirety because it was too much. but putting it together with this article i read through today- really makes me sad. sad because americans are not willing to see what this country is today- americans cling to the notion of what we used to be.

i would love to be able to do that, but i can't. i know where we came from and what we are today- and i have a pretty fair idea of where we are headed. it's not a pretty picture. but i don't want to end on a down note- i love clara. she is a treasure and a gem- and if you check out her youtube channel, you won't be disappointed. she has seen much and lived through much- but her spirit lives on.


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