Dance Like an Idiot for World Peace

Get in on the ground floor of a new wave in the peace movement. A fledgling Facebook group unites peace-lovers across the globe in engaging their creativity--not just giving lip service--for world peace.

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Pete Hughes of Sheffeld explains his concept:
I genuinely believe that if everybody in the world were able to shake off their fears and inhibitions in the way that Myles and I have done, world peace would indeed ensue.

Fear stifles creativity in humans and lack of creativity means that human problems are not solved. Think about the conflicts in the world, two bitterly opposed sides with viewpoints that have barely changed for centuries. Why have they barely changed? Because everyone is scared to do something different. Scared to stand up and say 'Hang on a minute, we've been doing this for hundreds of years, and nothing has changed. Maybe let's brainstorm some brand new ideas?'

Everyone is too scared of 'what others might think' if they stand up and challenge the (LONG) established views of their country or their religion with brand new and perhaps 'weird' ideas.

"Dancing like an idiot immediately rids us of the stupid false sense of self-importance that leads us to consider ourselves better than our fellow humans, wherever they may be. Not only that, but the laughter it brings to others is like reaching out and hugging them.

We are saying: 'Hey, we're not so different after all. You can dance like idiots just like us.'"

Click to see Myles shed his inhibitions and dance for world peace!! ~

JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP HERE. (Facebook account required to participate). See you there!


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