Outing Hypocrisy

Watching the ultimate results of extreme hypocrisy meltdown, while certainly something to be thankful for, is certainly not pretty. It is like watching a good film noire where all the characters realize in the end they have all been used and duped by each other for their own selfish reasons to the point where all of them lose in the end.

The desperate last act struggle to avoid this inevitable outcome is being played out before the eyes of the nation and the world. The skeleton of rightousness filled out to reveal its flesh and bones of corruption, collusion, bribery and deceit.

Here is an article that is clear and insightful on the matter:

Oscars for the "Homosexual Defenders" Please
by Dean Powers

Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity deserve Oscars for their role as sympathizers in "The Passion of the Gays." After a career cumulative of a half-century of gay-bashing between the three of them, they are suddenly the homosexual's only protectors in a sea of gay-hating, liberal sharks. To attempt to make the leaps in their logic, you would need a cape bigger than Superman's. They don't realize it because they live in a different planet-zone than their listeners, but their change of loyalties rings false.

If you are going to oppose legislation for gay people, then do it because you are hiding your own homosexual behavior from Bubba and Chip, not because you are trying to score political points. I am being facetious, but apparently politics is exactly what prompts the right to inveigh against homosexuals. Limbaugh, sounding more like the type of human rights activist he typically drags behind his verbal pickup truck, denounced the left for "gay-bashing." He complained about their "gay bashing" over and over again on Friday before jetting off in his private plane for a golf tournament somewhere.

Anne Coulter regurgitated his sentiments a few hours latter on Sean Hannity's radio show. Meanwhile their audience, once blindly infatuated with them for their bedrock beliefs, is now realizing that those beliefs really depend upon the weather. They must think their audience is stupid to not smell something fishy about this newfound concern for gay people. It's funny that it comes at a time when the Grand Old Party is being exposed as the Gay Old Party. Nothing wrong with homosexuals, but I don't even need to point out the hypocrisy. And you have to wonder if they would be so reckless about "changing positions" if it weren't October.

So effectually, the Mark Foley sex scandal is threatening to undermine the credibility of some of the most popular conservative talk show hosts in the business. If they think that they can blow wind from the four corners of the world depending on which way they need to fly their kite, their audience will quickly see them for the corporate spokespeople they really are.

Dean Powers is a former intern at The Nation, whose views are not reflected in this piece.

Source: Op-Ed News


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