Sunday Poetry Series : I Am The Water Planet

Today we have a selection from Peace Tree Poets Society member, Kristen S. Boyesen.

I attended an Original Think™ workshop with Jan Philips, author of The Art of Original Thinking. One activity was to write a message to the world as inspired from a nature photo. I was spirit-guided to chose from a pile of upside down photos, a scene of waves tumbling in on a beach. I have a great feeling of protectiveness for our planet’s water resources, so I was guided well. Here is my poem:

I Am the Water Planet
By Kristen S. Boyesen

My oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
Are here for life.
For all life.
You waste their bounty, and care not.

Water is the carrier of nourishment
For all living things,
And the lifeblood
Of all my earthly systems.

All who live on me are in danger of death
By thirst,
By hunger,
By drought.

Wake up, all who have power!

... ALL have power.

All humans have power
To keep water safe
In their daily choices
And uses of water.

Treat water as precious!
Because it is.

Human actions are responsible
For the future
Of all earthly life,
And the planet called Earth.

Every wasted drop of water
Is a Crime against Nature.

I Am the Water Planet.

Please visit Kristen at her home blog White Light of Peace


Peace y'all


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